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Continuity Services

Religious structures are operational building, not unlike traditional commercial structures met with a similar level of wear and tear. Our goal is to ensure that these fascinating buildings are functional and safe while increasing your church leadership's competency on the building's condition.


Receive regularly scheduled, semi-annual visits from our technicians to evaluate the status of each building under contract.

Skilled Technicians

Our techs will represent all necessary specialties to ensure your buildings needs are inspected and reviewed in entirety.

Evaluation Report

Every visit will result in an evaluation report to provide a clear status on the health of building.

From the Expert

"Currently, insurance carriers are no longer competing on price alone. Insurance carriers are now inspecting buildings and discounts are being created based on the quality of your building maintenance program. It's very important to keep your buildings updated. This program has come at the perfect time for insurance compliance."

-Scott Bingham, Ministry Advantage, CA Insurance License #0D35091

Stained Glass Praise


Increased Property Value

Maintain High Bar on Safety

Reduced Energy Costs

Reduce Number of Future Repairs

Insurance Compliance and potential to reduce premiums

Expand Building Lifespan

Our Approach

Corrective: We take action to remediate any damage that has already manifested.


Preventative: We keep your scheduled and periodic maintenance in order to prevent the occurrence of damage, breakage or malfunction


Predictive: We monitor the structure with specific sensors or devices. On the basis of the data collected through these devices, it is verified whether it is necessary to intervene, at what times and in what manner.​

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